FS: Del Sol Parts

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93 grey striped del sol seats $175 obo
93 stock del sol tail lights $45 obo
93-95 del sol street fyghter front bumper $make offer$

seats are in fair to good condition, lights are in used but good condition, bumper is brand new(never drilled or mounted)

Email or pm me. I'll have pics soon. I can probably get some other odds and ends (car has been hit in the passenger's side) if you'll let me know what you need. Will ship at buyer's expense, or you can pick it up in the Cincinnati/Tri State area.

tailights, $45 USD?
both for total of 45? or 45 each?
anything wrong with it? cracks etc...
Tail lights are straight...$45 takes the set...

will do my best to get pics of the seats, it might take awhile tho being that I'm at school and they're at my parents house...I might be coming across another set...I'll keep everybody updated...

Dunno bout the handle...I'll look and get back to you...
I need the driver side handle for the roof; how much is it ? and the piece of metal that goes at the back of were you put the corner light, some part of the Driver side headlight and the driver side fender. Is where your screw all of those parts in the right front corner..

please check on that cause i really need it...
Driver's front is all mine...sorry...

I'll check on the handle tho...on Sunday I'll have all the parts pulled and in my garage...so let me know if anybody needs small stuff, cause I won't be able to get anything else after Sunday....

Originally posted by micah@Dec 31 2002, 01:18 PM
i need the passenger side handle for the roof, my drunk friend tore mine off :\

BULLSHIT, I DID NOT, it was hanging there and I simply tried to grab it and it fell :p
lol, my friend david tried to pull the handle without pushing the button in and it just freaking came off :\