FS: eagle, endyn, tial, ACL, Volks, etc

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UPDATED 1-9-03

Eagle rods H-beam. never installed- new in box, 1 bag opened for pics... minor oxidation from being uwrapped SOLD

b18b endyn 9:1 CR turbo roller waves, with rings, wrist pins, etc, stock bore (81mm), new in box. $550

tial 35mm HP wastegate (40mm top), new in box, opened for pics only, blue SOLD

b18a/b b20b/z ACL engine bearings, new in box SOLD

repeat: my volk te-37s w/tires. 16x7 see sig for more detials and pics. 1500 or B/O

stock b18b pistons/rods - will not seperate - 80k $40

b-series nuformz block guard - new $150

b18b1 head #1: no valve train/cams, VALVES and head casting ONLY, no cover, stock 50k $100

b18b1 head #2: complete minus cams/cam gears, w/ valve cover (junkyard writing on it and kinda cracked) $75

del sol seats wrapped in gay leather, uncomfortable as sin, worn, rails are dirty, PENDING

14x6 VW bullet holes steel wheels w/ master craft tires $40. WILL NOT SHIP

stock LS Inatake mani - bare... no sensors or fuel rail $50

b-series skunk2 cam gears, black, new in bag/box - $180 PENDING

prices do NOT include shipping. I have or can get pics of everything... let me know if you want a pic.

i will consider trades on anything, but my prices are pretty firm and shipping is not included. and remember, i wont ship the steelies, cuz they aren't worth the money to ship.
I'm located in central connecticut.
umm anti-flag ownz...just to let ya know...
and im interested in cam gears, lemme check my finances ill get back to you...
and possibly the rims, are they the white volks you had on your car?
micah- yes, they are the white volks. and the cam gears are black.

lsvtec- not at all :) I'm getting a JG pro series bottom end instead... so I don't need the parts anymore.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 26 2002, 07:50 PM
lsvtec- not at all :) I'm getting a JG pro series bottom end instead... so I don't need the parts anymore.


also, EG hatch rear deck inetrior, cut for 6x9's in a not-so-oval fashion. $25 + shipping.
paypal works

everything is still forsale. posting on honda-tech tonight. figured id give you guys the jump
Lemme give it some thought, if the rods are around when I get paid the middle of Jan, I'll take them off your hands.
how much to shipped those seats to Oakland,ca 94606 And is the seat tear or fade?
i will take pics tomoorw

no rips... but a couple worn spots.

I'm telling you- they SUCK. if you don't plan to re-apolster them, don't buy them. you will not be happy. I'm just trying to be fully honest here.... ask wildbillhatchbac or sisteve or jeff on here about them too if you want more opoinions. I just don't want to sell you something that you don't really want.
as for shipping, they are abut 80lbs each, plus box/foam stuff so around 90lbs
i just went to ups.com and did an estimate... $75.08 for each seat, non-insured, ups ground. so it will be expensive to ship em out to cali. my zip is 06010 if you can find a better way, let me know
sorry it took so long but you still got the cam gears?
lemme know if so i can paypal you now :p