FS: Integra, NX, GSR, Turbo, Apex'i, etc...

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90 Integra GS Red/Black 5spd. 68k on motor. Power Windows, sunroof, cruise control. MINOR Damage to rear passanger quarter panel. Does not affect the stability of the car at all! Interior is CLEAN! $2500 FIRM

87 Mistubishi Starion ESIR
Runs, just overheats. Car needs paint bad, but besides that, it's rare, and a sweeeeet project. $750

JDM MKIII Twin Turbo Supra Motor $1400 OBO

NX 10lb bottle $100 OBO

92-95 Civic HB Stock roof spoiler (Red) $30 OBO

94 Integra GSR stock wing (Missing Led) $30 OBO

GSR Knock Sensor $60 OBO

99-00 Civic Si A/C + Radio Console $70 OBO

f22a 5-speed tranny (95 accord EX) $350 OBO

B18A Motor (130k) w/Auto tranny + ECU $550 OBO

91 Integra Interior (Brown) $60 OBO (You Remove it!)

91 Integra LS Auto Gauge cluster w/indiglo Gauges $30 OBO

T3 Turbo (External Wastegate) $400 OBO

HKS F-Con For pre-OBD Boosted Honda/Acuras. $60 Dented, but it works, don't know if everything you need is there. But hey, it's cheap.

Apex'i 52mm Gauge (Water Temperature) $150

B16A2 Head - It's got 18k miles on it, it's got everything except for the valves. Nothing wrong with the head AT ALL! Just had a buyer flake. So, if anyone wants it, letting it go for $425 OBO!!! It's friggin' mint.

Hmmm... Lots more stuff... I'll keep adding stuff as I remember it.

Charles Weller
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