FS: JDM Honda DC2 from Japan

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2 litre EG

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well what i was complaining about is that this thread is about me TRYING to sell those two cars.... i asked you to start a new thread due to the fact you asked another question regarding gearboxes in the forum for selling things...

im not complaining or tryin to be a dick, but you were using the thread which I started in order to sell my cars to ask another question not having to do with the topic

:ufucktard: :fuckyou: :owned: :bash:


Good thing 2 Litre EG got bump out, because I think I've seen that car somewhere, then I remember is from an Imported in So. Cal, selling used Japanese engines, and transmissions, and they also get cars and clips, don't want to give up their name, but they are trying to pull a fast one, trying to advertise in a different way for free.


got proof??

he has more posts than you dude... and has been posting in the tech forums since he joined.

2 litre EG

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nah i'll be honest and straight out... i dont work anywhere right now, i used to work for a convalescent home until i got layed off... i was making good money so i decided to buy these cars most likely from that same place your speaking of NIMO... but i own them personally and im trying to get rid of them... if you think im advertising for free then please do come with proof... cause as far as I know, the advertisement i originally put on this post i removed cause i didnt want to cheat the guys here at hondaswap...