IN FS Misc Honda parts

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I am selling all kinds of old stuff I have in my garage and stuff that I have just sitting around. I posted on ebay cuz I need all of it gone. Here is a link to my "store." Feel free to look and email me or PM me with offers on anyhting that you want. I will ship most things...the motor is a little tough so I would prefer local pickup but money talks. Lots of Honda stuff, sorry but some of it is not. Feel free to look and contact me if you want anything. Here is a list of a few on link for the rest.

Complete D15B2 $200?
2 - 5 spd cable trannies $125 each?
Distributor $75
motor mounts
MPFI $80?
99 Civic Si wheels/tires $300 (still up in the air about wheels. I just bought them but might want something different. Will post tonight if I decide to sell them).

eBay Seller: member5587410: eBay Motors, Cell Phones PDAs items on

I will be unavailable to respond from tonight at around 7PM EST until Sat morning. If you try to contact me while I am gone, I will return your message when I return. Thanks.
do you have the mount by the closest to the radiator for a d16?