FS: Misc parts. B-Series, CRX, suspension, etc.

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90-91 CRX corner lights - $30 shipped obo
in great shape with no cracks in the lenses
could use a little touch up on the black border to be near perfect.


90-91 Taillights (missing center section) - $10 + shipping
driver side, has a BB sized hole in it, not really sure what its from
driver side, one of the studs is broken off, some of the other studs are pretty rusty
passenger side, is pretty rashed up. good bit of scratches
both of these could use a good wetsand/polish to clean them up






88-89 CRX cluster hood/trim/cover - $10 + shipping
good condition, no cracks
dont have the clips that cover the rear screws sorry.



CRX e-brake cover - $5 + shipping
rear is cracked. good condition otherwise



Hawk HP+ race brake pads ITR Integra Type R" - $SOLD
Cryo-Stop Integra/Civic rotors 10.3" - $SOLD
DC Sports B-series 4-2-1 Header - $SOLD
90-91 CRX Taillights complete set - $SOLD
Ground Control rear springs 250lb/in - $SOLD
Full-Race CRX traction bar arms / radius rods (old version) - $SOLD
Ground Control top hats (pair)- $SOLD
CRX rear speaker covers - $SOLD
Ground Control coilover sleeves CRX(no springs) - $SOLD
91 CRX Si rear LCAs w/ ES bushings - $SOLD
Tokico Illumina 5-way adj shocks 89-91 CRX- $SOLD
Integra Type R front calipers and brackets- $SOLD

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bump. i know someone wants some of this stuff lol
added the shocks, corner lights and GC sleeves
added ITR calipers and GC top hats. also lowered some prices.

the shocks have been pending for a LONG time to a guy on another site, he was supposed to send payment weeks ago, but i havent heard anything since (my PM to him is still in my outbox, so he hasnt even logged on to read it) so im making them available again.