Fs: Msd Ignition Boxes And Coils in Arizona

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Hey Everyone,

A few of my friends and I have a bunch of MSD Stuff for sale. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Just to let you all know, everything is OBO, so dont be shy to make me a reasonable offer.

Here is a link to my vouch page: http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=941851

Email: henry@full-race.com
AIM: Full Race Henry

MSD Ignition Box

PN 6200
MSRP: $319.60
Sells For: $179.99 - 215.94
SELLING: $100obo

The 6A is the base model of the capacitive discharge multiple spark 6 Series design. Benefits such as quicker ET's, easier starting, reduced plug fouling, more power and even increased fuel economy can be expected with the 6A's high energy multiple sparks.

PN 6420
MSRP: $551.80
Sells For: $275.90 - 289.72
SELLING: $150obo

The 6AL delivers everything the 6A does with the addition of a built-in Soft Touch Rev Control. This feature allows you to set an RPM limit to protect the engine from over-rev damage caused by driveline failure or missed shifts. Other MSD RPM Controls can be connected to the 6AL such as a Three Step Module Selector or RPM Activated Switch

MSD Digital SCI Plus
PN 6350
MSRP: $603.72
Sells For: $371.29
SELLING: $250obo

The Digital SCI+ Ignition Control...delivers the power and accessories that make it ideal for street/strip sport compact cars! High output capacitive discharge sparks at 135mJ and 535 volts ensure complete combustion of the fuel mixture especially at high rpm. The heart of the Digital SCI+ Ignition is a 15 Megahertz microcontroller, the fastest of all digital ignitions. If a dose of nitrous is being injected, there is a retard stage that can be activated automatically to prevent detonation from the increased cylinder pressures. To assist with firm launches, there is also a rev limit that can be activated that will hold the engine at a steady rpm so you can launch at full power! The ignition installs easily to 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines equipped with a distributor.

MSD Blaster Coils

Blaster SS
PN 8207
MSRP: $90.80
Sells For: $45.40
SELLING: $30obo

The Blaster SS is an E-core style coil -- A very efficient design in producing high voltage and spark energy. The primary terminals are located at opposite ends of the tall spark tower so there is no chance of arcing.


Rest In Peace
I will offer $140 for the 6AL and the coil shipped to CT, 06451 paypal after thursday... ;)