Fs: Rota Circuit 8

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Brand new in the box 15-inch Bronze Circuit 8.

SPECS: 4x100 bolt, 6.5-wide, 38-offset, bronze, 12.6-lbs

PRICE: $410-shipped anywhere in the continental USA.
email me [jason@alljdm.com]
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CALL 813.376.8933
tempting. Would you happen to have them in gunmetal for that price or is it just this one set?

I will be needing new tires this spring so I thought that was a good time to get some wheels.
:withstupid: Great buy, but I a.) Owe 1100 on my credit card and b.)dunno how they would look on a "purple" or "perrywinkle" car. It's Phantom Gray Pearl, damnit! DAMN good deal!
Originally posted by onefastcivic@Feb 10 2003, 10:29 AM
hey alljdm can you hook me up with a good price on jdm corners all amber lights

Just IM him, aim name: ALLJDM