OH FS: Seibon C/F doors for EG hatch/coupe & Fal Lexan rear hatch

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Ok kool ill let u knw when I'm over there if u wanna call me tomorrow or even tonight just so I got your number to call when I get to akron
I'm also probably gonna want the window also. Ill talk to you more wen I get your call. Thx again brother
Sry didn't end up goin to my boys school with him. Am still interested and still wanna come get them get ahold of me and well figure something out
Eg6sir can I have his email or can u email me his email so I can get ahold of him? My emails and phone number are listed above. Thank you
Hey man I've been waiting on a responce can u get back to me? My number is 8147467260 now email is still the same