FS skunk2 cam gear

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slightly used, looks new. i dont have any pics, sorry. i dont have any references (never had any parts to sell..!) but i am paypal verified, if that gives you any peace of mind :)

$75 shipped o.b.o.

figured id offer it to you guys first before i stick it on ebay..!

1.5/1.6L SOHC Civic/CRX/Del Sol

Adjustable cam gears allow engine tuners to optimize horsepower and torque by adjusting camshaft timing. All adjustable cam gears are CNC-machined from AL7075-T6 billet aluminum. The 6-bolt design eliminates any chance of slippage, while the hard-anodized finish prevents premature wear. The timing marks are laser-etched and each offer over /- 10 of adjustment. Skunk2's cam gear design has been proven on race cars in the most extreme conditions, and has proven to be the most reliable cam gear on the market.
Dude- I wish. I have no idea when, if ever... I'm going to start on her engine.
Hell, for that price I'll bid. :D I know you can go lower on the shipping though. ;)