FS Slightly Used Wiseco Dished Pistons(LS)

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Senior Member
Lookin to get rid of this set of Wiseco -4 dished LS pistons (Std bore), they are hardly used, w/o any nicks or scratches. Theres a bit of carbon build up on the top of the piston that i would be more than happy to clean off for you (using a liquid cleaner, not an abrasive pad) They are still attached to the stock pr4 rods that were run in the car. The car was runnning when the pistons were removed, he opted for sleeves, and a larger bore. I was going to use them in my b16a, but my c/r would be around 8.6:1, and i really dont want that low of a c/r for a street car. I paid $300 for them straight out of the block, but feel free to make me an offer. You pay shipping. Pics on request via e-mail