Fs/t: Del Sol Seats

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Okay...so I'm gonna put these up again. They're black/grey-striped from a 93 del sol, will come complete with rails and bolts. Seats are in mint condition, no rips or tears, and the cushioning/padding is 100%...no signs of excessive wear. They've been sitting in my garage for about a month, but I'm sure they'll look very close to new once they've been dusted off.

I'm looking to get 200obo, and will ship at buyer's expense.

Also...I still have an extra set of tail lights, a stock rear bumper cover, and a street fyghter 2 front bumper...all from a 93 del sol, and a set of 13" TSW's with bf goodrich tires...95% treadlife ---> MAKE AN OFFER

Pics are available in my gallery

I'm interested in trading for/toward some GSR parts and other stuff, + or - cash, depending on what you've got...

Here's the stuff I need:
any header for GSR
GSR/Skunk2/Edelbrock intake manifold
del Sol vtec shift linkage
ITR/CTR pistons and camshafts
adjustable b-series cam gears
any nitrous set up

Please...no lowballers or flakes.

I'm in Dayton, OH. Feel free to email me at flannery.4@wright.edu with any questions...

bump for this guy, someone buy the sol seats.

Trust me, sol seats fell so good and they look sweet. Alot of people that are somewhat into cars think they are aftermarket racing seats.
ding ding, yep recaro is top shit. They also made the JDM ITR seats and a few other real nice OEM seats for nice cars. Some one pick them up.
Now the question is... how well will they bolt into a 4G Civic? I'm not sure how the bolt pattern on the seats and rails compares...

I'm not sure about the seats in a 4G. Maybe somebody else will know. There's a picture of the rails in my gallery.
del sol seats are badass.

they are NOT made by recaro.

this is at least my understanding of it, as i've asked some very knowledgeable people about this and it seems to be a myth...more so than fact.

either way, bump for a great price on del sol seats.
all of honda seats are outsourced (manufactured by) or have parts from recaro.

somebody has to want these seats. look at all the nice things everyone's said about them :rolleyes:

and also, i would consider buying JUST the seat cushions for 100 plus shipping. this means taking them off the rails and just shipping the four cushions.

let me know, thank.
I'd rather sell them as a complete set. I'll get back w/ you once I'm ready to part w/ the seats I currently have in my del sol. I'm holdin out for a set of red recaros.

but anyways...somebody buy my seats :D
I'm not looking for the seats (as I already have some) but when you're in the market for some new parts (i.e. Skunk2 intake, JDM ITR or CTR cams, Skunk2 cam gears and many more)
check out ALLJDM

Good luck with the seats.. that's a steal in mint condition.
That is a really awesome price for those. I've seen them sell in worse condition for more $$ than that. To my knowledge they do fit in a 4G Civic without modifications. The most you would have to do if mods were required is have the holes drilled in the rails which is really easy.
I thought that was a pretty good price. I've had a couple of people interested, nothing definate tho. I just wanna get rid of these so I can take the $$$ and finish my swap.

Everythings still there except the wheels. Also have a 94 GSR intake mani drilled for nitrous that I forgot about. Make some offers on this stuff...