FS White 91 Civic HB base/Si


I am selling my 91 Hatch, I need to make room for a new project car.

The car was originally a base model 4speed (The lightest one). It is in very good condition and has been well taken care of, I drove it as my primary car for about a year with no major problems. It is very quick, I have never had it at a track but I have beaten many cars from stoplights that it seems I shouldn't have. One in particular is any of the late model Si coupes, I ran 4-5 of them and beat all of them :whip:. Pictures are available upon request, just e-mail me at [email protected] and the car is located in Fort Myers Florida (S.W. Florida).

I am asking $2300?

The bad stuff:
-It has a bad CV
-It could use a set of tie rod ends in the near future
-It has a CRX Si front bumper conversion that did not fit as well as hoped
-The drivers side tail light is broken and the trim piece under it is bent, not badly, from some prick in a parking lot who tapped it and left.

The good stuff:
-It has a complete 90 CRX Si D16A6 swap in it (90 something k miles when swaped and I put around another 10k on it).
-included will be 2 D16Y8 heads, a Y8 intake manifold (The type R of D-series), and the full $200 head gasket kit from Honda. Everything you need to do a healthy mini me swap less the v-tec computer.
-It has a rear disc conversion (Needs e-brake cable)
-It has CRX Si rims
-It has Integra front seats and center console
-It has Kicker seperates (6.5) in the front doors
-Lumar tint (pretty dark)

Thanks for looking!