Fs: Zex Compete Kit: Heater, Rpm Switch,and More

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Zex kit total package complete and lots of new extras. The kit is used for 3 bottles so its slightly used includes hardware and 55 65 75 shots nossles. The Zex bottle heater is brand new. The plugs are brand new and the summit racing rpm switch is slightly used. This is a great kit, very very safe. This This kit will get your 4 or 6 cyl car killing big Mustangs GT and other v8s. This kit will work on most small cars. The reason I selling this great kit is because I'm going turbo and I need the money.

How safe is it? You use RPM switch to turn the nitrous off automatically at a set RPM. The plugs are one step cooler which will keep your engine from denotation. The heater will keep your bottle pressure up so you will always get that kick in the butt when you turn it on. These items are very nesessary which makes this a great combo.

Here is what is included:

1. Zex Kit complete (used for the 3 bottles).
2. Zex bottle heater (new).
3. NGK 6097 BKR7E spark plugs (the famous nitrous spark plugs a set of 4).
4. Summit Racing RPM switch (so if you miss your shift you dont hurt your engine, this is very important).
5. Custom sized nitrous line(so it fits in smaller cars)

There is no reserve. It only takes one bid to win. If you have any question email me at robot_csc364@yahoo.com I will be more than happy to answer any questions. I take payment in form of cashiers check or money order. If you pick it up here in Ruston, Louisiana you get a free bottle fill-up!


Here is the link with lots of pics