Fuel Grade For Zc 1.6l Engine

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I just got my JDM ZC 1.6L engine back from the tech.

I'm just curious about which fuel grade is best for this engine?
I'm running plus (89octane) right now.

I was thinking about just using regular (87octane) if the ZC engine doesn't benfit from the couple extra points in octane.

Also I need to pass an e-test (emissions) very soon.

London, ON
90 Civic HB JDM ZC 1.6L 5spd
when i had my ZC, i ran 87. i tried once to buy that race fuel from a local unocal 76. i THINK it was 106? or 103? octane, i forget. but it was in the 100's for sure.
5 bucks a gallon....

anyways, i went out to the street races in compton that night, and noticed no difference whatsoever. my tank was empty when i filled it up, and i only put in about 2 gallons of gas.