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i am currently building a t25 set up for a b18a in a 1990 integra, i was wondering what everyone prefered (from experience please) as far as fuel delivery/mangament was concerned, a friend tells me rc's and greddy e-manage is the way to go (and he is making 270hp out of his ls/t) so im thinkin hes probably right....any ideas?
hey pissed off, i was wandering why would emanage be just a step above vfac if
it can ajust for the injectors and has a 3bar map sensor, adjustable timing map, map trace, adjustable fuel map, vtec control, engine antistall and can control additional injectors. all this is from the ads as i have never even seen the unit.
it seems like it can do almost the same as the hondata with the exception of two step launch and full throttle shifts. but for a daily driver is it really needed?
simply put, emanage is a piggy back. its not a standalone.
and your mom might as well be a hooker. fact is, its not. (and im going out on a limb here, and saying that your mom isn't a hooker)
not to get off subject but B my cars in the process of being turbod right now and all im running as far as tunning and fuel is a jackson racing fuel pump vafc rc 370cc injectors and an avcr.im planning on running about 15psi so am i gonna have to get hat 3 bar map sensor? and if i do how much do those suckers cost? and if i add a hondata is it worth the extra power its gonna give me for the money?
you got ripped off, hard.

i paid $25 for mine with a pigtail used.

new, it goes for about $54 from gm parts direct
for all I know it was 40 bucks but for some reason 100 rings a bell hmmm now you have me thinking...

have to find my old paper listing the price
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 12 2003, 09:56 PM
simply put, emanage is a piggy back. its not a standalone.

hondata is not stand alone either.
technically no, but it finctions like one.

a vafc/emanage takes the signal from the sensor, and then sends a flase reading to the ecu.

hondata and other standalones, have the sensor read to the ecu or the new standalone computer, and THEN handles the reading/functionality of it
ok guys update, yes t25 is too small, im goin with a t3/t04e most likly, but besides taht, it turns out hondata does not make an app for my teg...i drive a 1990 b18a, the only b18a's that hondata makes apps for is 92-93's....so it turns out emanage might be what i have to use...
my buddy norm was running a tec 2 in his LS/T set up... and this was 6 years ago that he ran a 10 second daily driven pass in his LS/T set up...

yes true tec 2 may suck compared to whats out right now... but im just sayin it worked for him

check my sig for more info
I would drop my hondata in a sec for a tec2/3 setup
Tec 2 does not SUCK but its not a simple setup
keep in mind Tec 3 systems are now out

Tempest racing has a 750HP prelude running a Tec 2 setup
their 450WHP before 100 shot of N20 ON PUMP GAS! also uses tec 2

just check out this page and read some of the HP and 1/4 times


Electromotive is a pretty bad ass setup in my books I think its the best

Electromotive back in 1982 built a 280ZX that put out 580HP and 520 torque that was with a 2.8L SOHC motor