Fuel Pressure & Cam Gear?

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Senior Member
Seeing as my h22 swap is set back for the time being....I figured I'd get some input as to where my fuel pressure and cam gear should be set for the set up I have:
'97 Accord lx....no internal work....just basic bolt ons...(cai, headers, fuel rail, adj. fuel press. reg., cam gear, pulleys) and I'm running a 75 shot with the Zex system. Thanks for any input!
every setup is different even if you have the same motor, your only sure fire way is to go to a dyno and its safer than just playing around with adjustments on the butt dyno.
well i'm not so fortunate to have a dyno handy :p so far i've just gone by trial & error to see what setting has the best results overall. thanks for the info anyway!
buy a apexi turbo timer it has a/f ratio reading in it it has easy numbers to read