Fully Built Head, Stock Bottom End B18b

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Senior Member
Hey quick question for you guys. If I had a fully built head with the following could I slap this bad boy on my ls, its an ls head:

crower dual valve springs, crower bronze valve guides, crower titanium retainers, ported and polished, and crower turbo cams.

Would I see a noticable hp gain, say maybe 10-15 hp? I am doing a full turbo build and I am getting this head for $750 but with standard ls cams I believe. The guy hasnt said yet. Would I gain hp over the stock ls cams with the turbo cams when I am still n/a or no? Thanks
I don't think it would increase that much from my dyno sheet reading(24/7 internet researchest of hondas) but you would see a good increase in pickup and aggressivess, if you slapped on like a skunk2 stage 2 cam, and probably actually around 10-15 hp increase then.
Allright settled, Im buying b's head when I get the $, but back to the question, would turbo cams get me anything over stock ones, or not? basically asking because I am gonna run this head instead of my stock head, and I am curious if i should use my stock ls cams or not. And how high could I safely rev my stock bottom end with out a block girdle? thanks