fully built type r swap. ek ready..COMPLETE, greddy header, spoon ecu.

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i have my fullly built complete type r swap listed on ebay, heres the link and theres all the details of the build on ebay

eBay Motors: FULLY built complete type r swap.. 278 WHP. b18c, gsr (item 350157872803 end time Feb-03-09 18:22:11 PST)

:werd: ...

and the with the parts you have listed, no way in hell its pushing 278whp, especially w/ a Greddy header...
its an oem "type r" build,te motor isnt a type r,and its not even "built." 278 on stock type-r everything?? doubtful especially on a stock intake mani and a dc header..
this the same dude selling the "spoon wheels" fo 1800?
let him dream..
im sure its worth at least 99 cents.

how could would it be if they sold GSRs at the 99 cent store?
I bid 15 bucks... and im winning... wouldn that suck if everyone noticed how much of a lie his 278 whp claim is and he had to sell it to me for 15 bucks lol
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you guys are a bunch of douchebag's, dont be mad cause my car is sexier then yours
you guys are a bunch of douchebag's, dont be mad cause my car is sexier then yours

you're the douchebag for trying to fake the funk..

taken from your eBay link
when i had it dyno tuned it made 278 to the wheels on 111 octane

so wheres the dyno paper/graph for your *cough*GSR*cough*??
why would you be running 111 octane.. that compression isnt that high you dont really need race gas
lol ban me. this site means nothing to me, a bunch of douchbags. as i go down the list of what you guys drive, lol
EF ? lololol
91 crx ? hahaha
96 civic?
another 91 crx
and another 91 hatch

you guys are rediculous. my wheels are worth more then any of your cars. bann me please moderator. im sure me being means nothing to you. so ban me. ban the asshole that called me a fucktard also haha.
dude your slips are worth 600 tops here on the street for legits wih NEW tires
you think that just because you have a newer car?come over to eastern CT and run with the POS's then guarantee your GSR with oem type-r internals will blow the donkey dick out here,you talk shit because you think your hard,half your shits prolly stoley or isnt even yours
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I think we are forgetting that header is custom yo and adds 100 whp
MaDtYtEjDm yo. I bet that Ebay ECU can push it to 350 horse if he wanted it too--he just wanted to baby the car the day he went to the dyno.
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