Fully Built ZC or b16a1? in a 90 crx si

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What's your definition of "fully built?"

If you're planning on never spending any money on the B16's internals, then go with your "fully built" ZC.. depending on what you call "fully built". I'm assuming that you're going to run good intake/header/exhaust with each one, right?

What you could do with the ZC:
Higher compression pistons
Custom ground camshafts (if you can find someone to do it)
Adjustable cam gears
Port & polish
Stronger rods
And of course the support pieces that you would need for this...

Compared to a completely stock B16, this setup tuned properly would probably outrun it, not to mention be lighter... but it would also cost more. Then again, you still have to tell us what you mean by "fully built".

Honestly- I would go with the B16, since there's so much more you can do with one... the aftermarket is plentiful for this engine, and it's just a more solid platform to build on, compared to the ZC.
The Zc was fully built by Spoon. My friend gave it to them to rebuilt. Spoon cam shafts pistons all the works.


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 10 2002, 04:56 AM
do you have 94 octane gas in your area? cuz if its built by spoon, chances are its 12 :1 easy compression


<-- 12.6:1
<-- Runs just fine on 93 octane.