funny convo with neon mike

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Buggin6868: and my furnace is still broke
pissedoffsol: tell it to get a job
Buggin6868: lol
pissedoffsol: i didn't know it was broken in the first place

Buggin6868: yeah it sprung a leak last nite and i tried to fix it today and fixed one leak and made another one
pissedoffsol: fuel? exhaust?
Buggin6868: water
pissedoffsol: hrm
Buggin6868: so now i have to take it all apart tomorrow again
pissedoffsol: just wrap the whole thing in teflon tape [SIZE=+0]

Buggin6868: hehe i tried that and it failed i think i am gonna just put a plastic bag around the while thing lol
pissedoffsol: [SIZE=+0]
you need billy mayes![/SIZE]

Buggin6868: rofl
Buggin6868: nah i need this
pissedoffsol: just absorb everything that leaks [SIZE=+0]

pissedoffsol: lol
Buggin6868: yep
pissedoffsol: line the basement in shamwows
pissedoffsol: [SIZE=+0]

pissedoffsol: no more pallets necessary
Buggin6868: exactly
pissedoffsol: or sub pumps
pissedoffsol: damn, they can't do this all day
pissedoffsol: better call now
Buggin6868: i know
Haha nice. SHAMWOW. I hate that commercial and the guy that does it.
lol got this out of the funny pic thread lol sorry for the steal whoever you where think it was turbomirage, cant think of your name at the moment


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haha my roommate is one of those idiots who buys things off tv infomercials. He owns the shamwow, the snuggie, and now just ordered the vegetable chopper thing. WTF?

The funnt thing is I can't tell an difference between a shamwow and a scrap piece of felt.
seriously te shamwow works,my grandmother bought one and ive used it a couple tims just being funny,it worked
if i can do it with one finger... you can do it with your whole hand

lol sounds like the title to a fisting tutorial
A chamois is a chamois you cant talk it up, I just want strangle that guy I dont understand how he gets so into trying to sell shit. :dunno: