Garage Sale, Volk, Konig, Alpine, JVC and other stuff NORTHERN VIRGINIA

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Northern Virginia

Prices are as cheap as I'll go, I'm getting ready to move to a new place and don't have the space to store so much stuff so I have to get rid of it. I am pricing this stuff to sell, so all prices are firm.

17 in VOLK Bronze SE-37

These rims weigh a little over 14 lbs without tires, and are very rare to find. One of the wheels has a slight bent and another has a light scuff, but really minor. Front tires are falken tires, rears are triangle TR968, tires are 205/40/17, tires have excellent thread remaining. Cheapest Volks around $1000





15 inch Konig Countersteer black/red lip (te37s replicas)

This wheels came with the car I just picked up, whichever wheels don't sell will be what I'll end up keeping. These wheels are mint, and look awesome. 15 inch 4x100 konig countersteer (te37 look alike) black red lip.
very mint! 205-50-15s about 70-80% tread dunlop durezzas. $500



USED since sunday 6k 9003 HID Kit, has a high beam in it. I'm going a different color, my loss $150 10/30/07!!!

ALPINE CDA-9833 Same as radio above but doesn't have graphical interface and the face has a small scratch on it. $120 10/30/07!!!

I have an ek, if you have any aftermarket parts that I can use shoot me a pm.
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It has been brought to my attention that my pricing is not competitive, so I shopped around a bit and update the prices below. Thanks

CF Whale penis intake $180

CF EK Duckbill Mint condition 225 + you stock duckbill
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I might take those Konig wheels off your hands next week, depending on my weekend of work. I'll let you know. And are any of those head units compatible with an iPod? I've been wanting to upgrade but that's a must for me.
Let me know on the konig wheels, and both of these radio can work with an ipod, you need to get the ipod adapter though. KCA-420i, I'll dig around, I might still have one somewhere in storage.