Garrett T3 super60 FS or Trade

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i have a garrett t3 super 60 with a .60 compressor and .80 exhaust this turbo is in great condition and needs nothing but a good home. Im looking to get at least 100 plus shipping or trade for a set of 550 injectors, SAFC2 or VAFC2, FMU plus a little cash. Or whatever that relates to boost.
How is the shaft play on it and how long did it get used for? Also, your location would help greatly my friend. Best of luck on your sale. :thumbsup:
no shaft play was maybe used for about 2 weeks on my friends setup we put my GT40 on his car for now and im located in SC and willing to drive a little for a good trade
all you want is 100 for the turbo? then shipping as well?

yes thats correct 100 for the turbo and like 30-40 shipping 2day fedex or i would trade for a vafc controller or any other boost related parts
Do me a favor and PM me how much power he made on that turbo and also, how much shipping would be to 34741 using USPS. FedEX and UPS are too expensive and I can wait for it to get here. Heck, whichever has the cheapest service, even if it takes a week to get to me will be fine. My e-mail is as well if you would like to get a hold of me quicker. It goes straight to my Blackberry. One more thing, from what I read, is that turbo rated for more than 300hp? Thanks.
greenville SC im gonna be pretty busy so we could probably work something out within the next week when things calm back down it pretty hard making it to meetings and running a car dealrship/car wash lol
where is that lol? Do you have any parts up for trade?