gas tank capacity...

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I don't know if this is the right forum, but I think this is close....

I'm trying to find out the fuel capacity of my 93 hatch. I checked my manuel, but it just shows the fuel pressure, injector resistance, and torque specs... When I fill it up from empty, I usually put about 8 gallons and get about 290 miles per tank. (If I don't race the whole time I'm driving on that tank...)

Thanks for all your help!
Thanks! I got a CX, by the way. Sorry I didn't mention that earlier, I didn't know it mattered. :shrug2:

Thanks for the info!!! :worthyp: :worthyp: :worthyp:


You're welcome.

I didn't know that trim mattered either until someone told me that they had a 10 gallon tank in their CX hatch. I guess it's another weight saving item for the CX and VX. I had assumed that all the 92-95 Civics had the same size gas tank as my 95 sedan DX.
Nice info!!! I noticed that it said the CX was not supposed to have side moldings and a pass. side mirror from the factory... Mine has both. Of course, I bought it used; do you think someone added 'em or came as an option?

(oh, no P/S or A/C too... :D )


I don't think you could get them as an option... maybe someone just tossed them on later.
you could add mirror and probally orderded side moldings and had dealer install, not to un common you could get pretty much any thing that the other civics had if you wanted to pay. my buddys dad sold him a dx coupe made and sold in 94 with a/c and also had the ex pass seat, so hen you hit the lever for it to fold foward it would slide forward as well