Generic Ipod Touch 16gb $63 bucks

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the generic ones work just as good, but im not sure theyre backed with support of a legit company.
thats what steers me away..
For 63 bucks seems like a good deal though compared at $220 for an 8 gig touch...i may have to get one of these
Id buy it if I had the extra money, it seems ok, you just dont have to pay all the extra for the Apple iPod name thats why its so cheap.
wife bought me an ipod touch when i broke my old classic model. The thing is fantastic. If it's anything remotely close to the real thing you'll love it
The thing that makes the iPod touch is the screen. Anything short of that 190dpi screen, and you're missing out. Also, there's always thing little issue of the capacitive touch screen....
Multitouch is the coolest thing since evar. Regular-touch screens seem lessened after using one.
welp, i bought one, 63 bucks shipped i figured what the hell. I'll update on you all on how it works and the software it comes with. I really think its an Ipod without the name, the guy sells the generic phones as well. We'll see.
How can you look at that picture and say "ITS AN IPOD LULZ"? I bet it falls apart inside of a month. For godsakes it looks like it's got the build quality of a barbie accessory.
I'd avoid those. I have a friend who buys a lot of knock-off stuff off ebay, including "iPods". They never work well and just stop working after a while. He finally bit the bullet after buying like 2-3 knockoffs and just got a real one.
So i got it the MP3 player. its not exactly like the Itouch but its still pretty dam nice. There is no software, you just drag the music onto the "removable disk" . Its got good graphics, can show song lyrics scrolling accross the screen, shows song titles ect.. Its very light which is good cause im going to use it for the gym. It have a micro SD slot i am assuming for expanding past the 16GB. Havent tested it yet. The headphones are pretty nice, wish the cord was longer though but no biggies i have a million pair of them.

it will sort the music by title, artist, genre, etc..plays video, Ebooks, voice recorder, Fm radio.

Battery life unknown....Its been playing for 3 hours now and its down to 1/3 bars but it was not fully charged , it was off the charger for 2 days

Overall i would say i am 95% happy with it. For 63 bucks shipped compared to $285 for the 16gb Iouch it will make a great MP3 player
I need a new MP3 player and saw these. They look pretty sweet. Itouch minus the wifi which i would never use. Anyone have experience

Haha you say you won't use it but you will. Like with me right now, I am in school and on Hondaswap:cool:
Tell ya what, buy me one and I'll let you know how it is in about a month.