get extra mpg gizmo FTW!

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Over teh years Ive learned never to trust anything from the name of beavercreak.
The real solution, the best solution for the consumer is the electric vehicle.

Notice it's getting no real big play? All we really need to do is expand battery technology and we're there. Everything else can be done with existing technology.

But follow the path the economy tries to push us in

You was Gasoline? No? How About Ethanol, too expensive? What if we developed hydrogen fuel cells?

all great options so that you the consumer can keep going to the pump, and they the energy companies can keep going to the bank

Electricity is a universal fuel, what that means is to get Gasoline you need Oil, to get Ethanol you need refineries and mass amounts of bio resource, even hydrogen fuel cells can be produced in a manner which keeps you tied to the proverbial nipple.

But with a vehicle which runs solely from DC you can get your power from the wall outlet, from solar, wind, you can burn cow patties in a furnace generator, you can develop it with clean coal, hydro electric, nuclear. It's completely possible given your situation that you could devlop the lion's share of your "gas" yourself, and Exxon does not want that, neither does Shell or Chevron. Infact if we didn't buy gasoline we'd pay allot less in Taxes and the government doesn't want to lose their money either.

So they'll continue working, as slow as they can, toward a green solution which keeps you tied to them, and you'll support it, because you're more interested in convenience then solution.

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The real problem here is found in human behaviors - These fucking SUV twats that floor it at every green light, one ignorant piece of shit assclown sitting in an SUV all by him / herself because they feel they are safer in it at the cost of everyone around them. Dirtbag parents who buy things based on their precious little snotbag offspring being so pseudo-important that they need "big boy gear".

We need to get real and let the truckers have the fucking gas. We can work on something else - such as nuclear or wind power (One wind turbine in a town will take care of all that town's electric car needs) for our personal machines. Keep a project car around for reduced use throughout the week.

Then we drill domestic lands for domestically kept oils. Reduced production for american use in shipping and production - Processing and pumping those oils at a reduced rate to maintain some semblance to sustainability. Keep gas prices around $3 a gallon or inflation adjust.

There. Solution found. And no zeropoint physics or tin foil hats necessary.

The problem with this, as well as other solutions, is that there is no money to be found in answers. Wind power is better for us, but doesn't put the money in pockets that ethanol lies do. Nuclear requires a long (LONG) term commitment in maintainance with reduced money coming in. You're asking about 100,000 executives to take a pay cut. This is a major problem in ALL of these money saving devices. The only solution to that is that we take to the streets with flaming torches and eat them.

So in conclusion and review, The answer is right in front of everyone. A major cultural revolution. This will only happen with a World playing field war against the middle east, against Islam and against tyranny. Then a civil war on the US homefront like Russia is so used to - a homegrown riot where the entire bored, cold, and hungry populace takes to the streets. We'll never do it fat and happy.

I'm looking out the window for pigs in the air, because I completely and utterly agree with Celerity. :D
I have a V10 Excursion...12mpg highway

+30% = 16mpg

big fuckin deal

if the truck has less than 1/2 a tank I can't fill it up....99% of the pumps automatically shut off at $100

the only way to solve your gas problem...find a job that gives you a gas card along with a company vehicle...done
no shit, start with more fuel economy, no person needs an excursion for personal use

I say take it a step further, if you want to buy above a 3/4 ton vehicle you must show legal proof you own a business that requires such a vehicle or a farm

then kill the pass large vehicles get on fuel economy regulations. Pas laws which require auto manufacturers to double current economy standards by 2015

finally, launch an ICBM at a random location in the middle east every day until oil dips below $100/ barrel. This is easy to implement as Bush used similar tactics for his foreign policy, the map is still probably up in his office.
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wow, nice American response

"well it's not my problem anymore"

Chewy, listen to Han on this one, it's still your kids problem
What the hell ?

Bomb the middle east for cheaper oil ? But... we have oil !