GM is offering employee discount

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Battle Pope

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Excludes 2005 Chevrolet Corvette and medium duty trucks. Take delivery by July 5, 2005. See dealer for details.

Tax, title, license, dealer fees and other optional equipment extra. See dealer for specific pricing details.

So basically, you can only get it on base model shitty cars.



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that's pretty sad when GM has to offer it's 'best' (hahahaha) discount to the public to try to get them to buy.

basically, the way it works with toyota here, is the markup is pretty low, because otherwise a new camry would cost 40k. now, the markup on a GM vehicle it's exorbitant... so they can 'afford' to give 8000 cash back and still make what they would originally mark as MSRP.

people have not caught on to this, and think they're getting an awesome discount. they come to toyota saying 'i want you to give me this car, and you'll give me 8000 back just like the GM people will'

it just doesn't work that way. lol

oh well... i won't buy a GM car. ever.