Going On A Cruise.peace Out.

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Im leaving tonight to go on a cruz to Mexico and the Cayman Islands.Ill be there for a week.Anybody else been on a simular trip.If so hit me up on some of the hot spots .
your spelling is living up to your avatar :)

= jealous


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sweet man, I am going on a cruise this summer, it is a semester at sea thing for school, but we get to go to Mexico, Costa Rica, Equador, Galopagos, and Chile. Plus i am getting 18 units of credit to go on this thing, financial works on this too, so i am paying like 1500 bucks for the whole trip.
have fun! :D dont expect to lose any weight! haha. its 24 hours of mouth-watering BUFFETS!
Yeah I know I will put on a couple pounds but f-it. Cant spell on a keyboard.Im in such a hurry to post I dont get time to read over it before. Dont want to get busted @ work.Costa Rica is the boom we go surfing there every year.
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Mar 7 2003, 03:28 PM
Wherever you go, make sure you go to a bar and have a Montezuma's Revenge. Or two. :D

Sounds scarry :eek: Im down like four flat tires