Going to the dark side... (mustang)

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So my marriage and career have stabilized to the point I'm able to fix flip and manage project cars again. I could go post on a mustang forum but I figured I'd float the idea to you guys in case any of you have personal experience,

I'm looking at picking up a 95-04 mustang, 5 speed manual and building a 4.6L. Using OEM components available to me I can achieve a 10.5 compression rate 2 valve 4.6l on a pretty good budget. Thinking about building the head and just running it as is (with supporting mods ofc) was wondering if any of you have advice with this platform, opinions of chassis/transmission options etc
Is this a fix and flip or is it a project for you to enjoy? I think that matters.
My goal with recent cars has been to kind of do both, and ive been successful so far with it. Goal is to get the vehicle in good, running, resellable order and then drive it a little and see if I want to play with it or not.

Found a 01 GT 5 speed with a black leather interior for 2k im gonna look at Monday. Wish me luck
Got it. My phone takes massive picture files so I'll have to host & link which I'll do at some point. It's not the finest specimen but for the price it's still a deal and a half and if I fix like 2 small things I'll double my money or more.

Gotta say, the only V8 vehicles i've owned were trucks or suvs & having a 5 speed manual attached to a PI 4.6 in a 3100lb car is a pretty addicting feeling. I might hold on to this one for a little bit.
So after waiting a long time on some title work to straighten out, I finally have the title in hand.

The good:
119k miles
Short throw
Cobra front brakes
Upgraded struts w/ adjustment at the tower
Bone stock engine
Black leather interior

The bad:
Needs a diff and bearings
Needs new TOB
Rust. Not awful under the front of the car but its almost eaten a hole in the trunk. No cosmetic rust though.

Going to fix the immediate issues. If not this one, I definitely am planning on doing a 5.4 swap on a mustang in the same generation (maybe the 95-99 bodystyle though)
Fail Run Over GIF
I can agree with your sentiment that the V8 manual is just different.
My limited experience is from driving a friends 93 Fox Body convertible with a 5.0 and 3inch exhaust.
I think it also had a cobra intake, and maybe a reworked T5 transmission and some sort of pretty tight clutch. Took some left leg force to get that pedal down.

Rowing through the gears on that car was very nice.
I got the opportunity to take grandpa for a ride before he passed away, old school car guy.
He really got a kick out of it. A memory I hope to cherish for many years. (More than 12 years ago at this point)
did i tell you guys a crashed a mustang up a steep graded hill at an AX? yeah. it could happen to anyone.