Good Tachometer.

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I would like to know, where i could get a not expensive Tachometer?
I checked on ebay and there's nothing, anyones knows a good shop where they have some, that are not expensive. i would like a Ac Autotechnic one, but if there's any bettre kind let me know.

Thanks Alot :blink:
Autometer is good. best ones made IMO. they range from like $90-250. but if you want dirt cheap, go to like Pep Boys, Advance Auto or Auto Zone and pick one up...but my suggestion is the Autometer ;)
Autometer is the professional sponsor of like every fricking method of racing and they are known to be one of the most accurate. You can get a monster 5 incher off ebay for like 150 pro series white face or a lunar series for like 200 and those are indiglo. has soime cheap tachs. You get what you pay for. I would post the ghetto tach but my hardrive crashed and I lost the pics.
also consider getting just a new gauge cluster with a tach in it (ie. an EX gauge cluster.) that way you can keep the sleeper look.
You can swap a Civic 1997 CX HB Cluster with a EX one?
I'm in canada, i don't know if the cars are mayde the same? But would that be a easy swap? Would it be bolt on? or some cut or welding would have to be done?

Give me some info on that kinda of swap, i'm really interesseted in it. Personnaly i don't like having this huge 5' tach on my dash, and every guy that pass by just know you have this huge motor in your car, and does even bother racong with you!! I wanna stay cool, and no one knowing what the hell is under my hood.

Give my more info on the Cluster swap from the EX. :blink:
Yea, all you need is a gauge from your era (6th gen) that has a tach. Make sure that it is from a manual civic. I am not sure if in canada the ex is the one with the d16y8, that one might be the SI (they are all mess up over there eh? :) ) If you are ever going to do a swap, consider get the SIR (or what ever model came with the B16a2 up there) because that will have a redline past 7000. Also make sure you get one that has about the same miles as you. You can get a JDM one because those are in kph also

all the wiring is there, it is basicly plug and play
Originally posted by asmallsol@Feb 23 2003, 09:46 PM
also consider getting just a new gauge cluster with a tach in it (ie. an EX gauge cluster.) that way you can keep the sleeper look.

word, I did that in the civic, like I need a tach for my I/E B7 slush box.
Thanx asmallsol, i'm gonna try finding one tach, that could fit. And do that swap, thanx alot for the idea!

Yeah! Here in canada, it's all weird! We have CX models, that i think you don't have in US, CX are below DX model, pretty much the same but with the painted mirror and no back wiper, pretty weird idea on doing that. And even the 91 CRX are really different from the US ones, the CAN CRX don't have the SeatBelts in the doors, the US doors lenght are longer than the CAN model. Even your Hazard lights button are not at the same place!
Honda are pretty fuckup doing such a model change in CAN and US.

Thanx again for the help! :blink:
Where could i find JDM 96 - 98 Civic Clusters? Beside Ebay? And good shop?
would prefere CAN shops but US shops are welcome too.

Thanks :blink: