Good Turbo for LS? 300hp on pump gas?

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I'm building up an LS motor and want to make about 300hp on good old 93 octane. ks-motorsports looks like they have the best deal on a custom turbo kit, but will the Turbonetics unit they offer meet my requirements?

It's a T3/T4 .57 trim 63 ar
the turbo is good for 400 horse, easy, but i recommend a t3/60-1.
the t3/t4 is a fad... i posted somethign about this last night.. if i find, it, i'll link it does. its a bigger turbo- more lag, and a more gradual boost once it kicks in- which means you keep traction, and have a sick top end, all while keeping your low-down fuel economy.
Well the car is going to be a daily driver. So i'm more looking into a turbo without that much lag. If the t3/t4 turbonetics can make 400hp easy, i think i'll go with that, even if it is a fad. :p
the problem is that you are going to bake 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear from a launch... and you will roast 2nd in a downshift.
Really?!?! Lol, i didn't realize it would give me THAT much power down low with such a small displacement. So i could have decent off the line power with the T3/60-1, and some killer top end to boot huh?
Will that T3/60-1 work on a sr20de with the same result, or what other turbo setup can i use, for a daily driven car
KS-Motorsports can get any turbo Garrett makes, including the t3 60-1, just cuz it isn't on their site, dosen't mean they don't have it, give 'em a call.