Google Samsung Chromebook

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Interesting product... not sure if this was brought up here before or not.

It's basically a netbook type deal for $249 running crome OS, and uses phone-like apps for programs/etc from the store most of which are free.


it has 2gb ram and 16gb hdd. designed for quick on/offs and portability. super thin and light. plus comes with 100 gb google drive space for saving on the cloud free for 2 years or something like that.

Introducing the new Chromebook

couple stores have it for pre-sale. should be for sale for real soon. Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch): Computers & Accessories

Samsung - Series 3 11.6" Chromebook - 2GB Memory - 16GB Solid State Drive - Silver - XE303C12-A01US

The new Samsung Chromebook - SAMSUNG Series 3 XE303C12-A01US 11.6-inch Chromebook WiFi- Silver

They also have the cromebox, which is is a little more money, but has double the ram 4gb and 100 gb ssd plus more hookups etc etc etc. and it's tiny.

Samsung Chromebox

neat things.
I'm thinking about getting one to fart around with.

it's like an ipad, but it actually has a keyboard, and doesn't cost 4x as much as it should.... lol
Is 16gb a typo? If not, im out. My netbook has better specs and was 50$ less.. two years ago. Im running a linux based OS on it now that has a similar cloud feature, but its free.
16 gb hdd, yes. i imagine a larger model is coming out eventually.
the idea is to store everything on the cloud for the most part-- just use the 16 for apps/os. Kinda like what you do with a phone- apps on the phone, data on the SD card. same concept, more or less.

its like a phone, but bigger, and not a phone. it's basically instant on. there's no boot up, waiting.... etc etc...
thought i had typed it in, guess not!

HP SpectreXT Pro. sure, its not cheap. but 128gb ssd, 4gb ram, beats audio and you can allocate up to 1.5GB of ram to the video. screams starcraft2 like a mofo. its instant on/off. battery lasts about 6 hours with light browsing... and about 1 playing sc2 :lol:
thats 1000 bucks.... and it's just a 'normal' laptop... :shrug2:

I could care less about gaming. I'd be using it to fart around with on the net while i'm in bed, or watching tv, or in the kitchen to follow recipes, etc...
think of it like an ipad. only its not $700 nor made by apple.