Got A 96 Civic Dx And Need To Swap A H22a Into It

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Hey guys, just got a 96 Civic DX and I am going to swap my H22A into it, can someone tell me if there are any good sites to explain how the swap goes, pics, text etc. also any pointers here will be appreciated, I have the OBD1 ECU P13 for the prelude, will this swap be difficult since the car is OBD2 wiring harness, etc. etc.

Also guys would it be smart to get a OBD2 ecu for my prelude and an OBD2 wiring harness for the 6th gen swap, I would think so right since the car is OBD2, shouldnt everything just plug up, from engine to ecu, ????

any help would be appreciated, thanks
hey..i don't know very much so sorry if i'm of no help..but i can tell you would be wise to get the obd2 wiring harness for the civic cuz trying to convert the obd1 to the obd2 is pretty tricky..or so i'm told..
be careful about which obd2 p13 you get. some have a factory imobilizer on them. you dont want that.
Talk to Paragus about this. He knows what he's talking about.