Got A Hatch

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Senior Member
I finally got a hatch. paid 1700 for it. its red and has no motor but came with h22 mounts, shiftlinkage, gsr brakes and shocks with ground control coilovers. and a few other little things. pretty nice car and cant wait to put the h22 in it and have a little street beast. just thought id spread my joy to all!! :D
Sweet man. Keep us posted on what you do with the car and whatnot.
You sould takea lot of pictures and detail exactly what you do to your car, that'd be neat. (pictures, tons of em, at every stage)
just make sure that it came with the new hasport H22 mount kit instead of the old one. The old one was responsible for braking axles, the new one solved this problem
thanx used to have a h22 in it....he said it ran great and didnt have nayprobs with the axles...body is in good dents but small rust spot on quarter panel....overall, im happy with it!! :D