got a new tach

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alright today i bought a new autometer tach. i was wondering if anyonw knows how to put the tach in to a 91 crx si b16. it came with wirring instructions but they make now sence what sort. any help would be nice. thanks
ok i have power to the tach...but i cant get it to read the rpms. i dont know what wire to put it to.. do i need to cut the blue wire that gose from the stock tach to the dis. and take this grean wire on the new tach and comebine it with the blue wire? does anyone know how to do this it would really help
You have a stock tach ? Or the tach wire as described in the manual ?

As I recall it's the blue wire on the distributor, I spliced it and away I went. I have the old dizzy in a box if you wanna see it.

And today, apparently, I ate my 4th distributor.

-> Steve
just get a wire tap and tap the blue wire going to the back of your stock tach. they will both work then. if you want you can run a wire all the way out to the dizzy if you like
hey yall, I was just curious...I just picked up an autometer 5" tach with the memory function and there are four wires. red, Black, White,Green, what are the 4 wires and black im guessing would be power and ground, and the green for the tach signal, what is the white wire for, I bought it out of a race car at a junk I dont have hte instructions? plzz help
Start your own thread man, this one is from 2005. and was already bitched about reposting in it a year after the fact. Reading is fun^^/.
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