Got Corner Balanced?

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i did :p

2580lbs total wet and wearing boots (ie: 1/2 tank of gas with my fat ass in it)
not bad .... i got balanced about 2 weeks ago :)
perfect 60-40 front to rear
50-50 right front to left rear
49.9-50.1 left front to right rear

noticed a big gain in the handling :)
well worth it
Originally posted by chris@Mar 28 2003, 05:27 PM
damn 2580 put taht pig on a diet

lol, hey, i'm sensitive about my weight <_<
My big question is about how much did it cost, I want to know because I will be looking for a place within the next 2 weeks.
i bartered for mine
1 network for 1 corner balanced sol

shop usually charges around $500 for a full balance
$500??? that is madness. i paid $190 for full balance and alignment.