got the Integra back today!!


well i got my Integra back today :) my landlord flipped by the crib and we got to her house (girl who had it). knocked on her door... and gave her the money back she paid me for it and she gave me the key back. we go in the garage where the car was parked and she tells me the battery is dead!! :angry: so luckily my landlord had jumper cables and we got the car jumped and got the car up on the trailor to tow it. got it to my house, and unloaded it. paid my landlord $30 to tow it (no plates for the car) and he had a battery charger to let me charge the battery up. link below to pics of the car:

**dial-up warning**

oh i thought she had some shitty white 16s but she got the ones back i had on there before and that made me much happier. they just need new tires now <_<


Kick ass. You should have kept some money from her to cover the property taxes you will have to pay for time she had it, and money to tow the car. Good deal though.


Thank you for your business.
Originally posted by Prowler@Mar 29 2004, 01:05 AM
that's cool you've got it back. now what about being able to legally drive it?


He's been drivin my Escort since his ride got fired.

he's already been stopped real fuckin lucky. Don't jinx him, cause I'd have to spend the money to go have it released from the compound.