Got Yanked By A Trooper This Weekend

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Hey just wondering if there is any way to adjust your speedo to compensate for bigger tires and/or rims. I got pulled over this weekend and i found out that i was like 4/5 mph off. I know you have the charts in the reference section but I want to know if i can get it zeroed in again.
here is what i had to do when i put my 89si cluster in my 89dx. The speedometer was reading like 10 mph faster than i was going, so.... I took off the top of my dash (the cluster cover) and removed the plastic cover from the cluster. Then I got my buddy to drive his 96 civic (i assumed that the speedo was accurate), and he took a walkie talkie with him and when we drove side by side down a free way at like midnight, and when he was at 65, he told me so over the walkie talkie, and i pulled the needle off my guage set and moved it down to the appropriate speed. It took a couple trys and another buddy holding the wheel of my car to do it right. haha, that is the only way i know of to do it, there is probably an easier way out there though...
haha sketchy.

In my town we have parked cruisers on the side of the road that tell you your speed in big numbers. Thats how I made sure mine was accurate.
I know mine is off like 4-5 mph I just want to know how to fix it easily if it can be fixed at all. I am not sure I like the idea of driving down the road and playing with the cluster.
I'm not sure of the way to adjust it. Maybe asking a honda dealership would be best in this case.
yea, all you have to do is find some place maybe a tire store or something that can go into the ecu and change the tire size to the ones you are currently using.
Originally posted by chestercheeto48@Mar 3 2003, 01:40 PM
I got pulled over this weekend and i found out that i was like 4/5 mph off.

I had the same problem, except my speedometer was off by about 20mph, I cant believe the trooper didnt believe me!