gotta car!

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I got a car yesterday. After months of waiting/saving I picked up a 92 Civic Vx w/ 125xxx miles on it. Its red and the front looks like it was in a wreck (front right quarter panel and front bumper are different colors than the rest of the car, but they are in good shape just not painted right). I paid $1800 cash, that was really wierd walking with that much money in the wallet. Anyway the car is already in the shop. There was a hole in the muffler which gave it that TIiiiiiiiiiiight sound and made me think i was fast, but anywayz its getting a whole new exhaust today. And last night while driving my dads friend home (he was drunk) a neon with a biiiiig wing pulls up to me on the highway and drops into 4th to go, I looked at him like he was nuts dropped into 4th and blew him away in a stock vx. silly ricer..
Pics will be on the way..... i just got back home from being outta town (drove the 6 1/2 hours back to huntsville with my bitchy sister whinin "are we there yet"). anywayz i got the new exhaust on and its nice. good deep low sound. only one problem with the car.... it misses your driving and then it starts to fade out and then comes back.....changed spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor, distributor cap, but i dont want to change the distributor yet cause id rather put up with the shit and save for the engine (dad and I are going together on it, he's the one who went in with me for the car). well tomorrow i'll try and get pics otherwise the next day.