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Okay, for all you GS-R owners:
How much do you pay for insurance?

I bought a '98 GS-R, two door...130k miles! The bastards want $270/month.
Yes, it's full coverage, and with a higher deductible they still want $245. Fuck that.
I'm 19, yes, and am with my family on multiple cars, all that good shit, long history with them, all that good stuff.
Never been ticketed or crashed or anything.

Yeah, before I drove a '00 Si and I was only paying $200/month for full coverage!!!! The motherfuckers claim that the GS-R's engine is just so incredibly powerful and shit, it's built for "performance" blah blah blah. Shit, it has 10hp more than my old car but they want THAT much more? That's complete bullshit. A GS-R is way better than a Si, to me, and to everyone, but the performance is not THAT much different that it warrants a difference in price that fucking big. I'm pissed. And it's two years older! 50k more miles than that Si!

My age is the #1 thing here...there's no getting around that, but still. Maybe it doesn't matter I've got a perfect record..but this is not right.


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I pay 90 for liability on my CRX. No tickets, no accidents notta. Im almost 19 my self. It is always the few that ruin it for the many.


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i pay $308 a month for my 05 Sentra, 04 Golf, and my CRX. Both me and my girl are on the policy. i'm 21 snd she's 19. My policy ends in july and the insurance guy said my next down and following monthly's will drop dramatically because 1)I will have had my License for 3 years and 2) i have 2 tickets clearing from my's mainly the age thing tho...everyone goes through it, just be patient.


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y friend hs a 2dr gsr and he pays about 340 a month, but it only had 65k miles when he bought it. funny, everything for a gsr is expensive including insurance...


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Because its how often they get stolen. GSRs are liabilities for insurances. Most Hondas are as a matter a fact. Just search this board. I can remember at least 5 cars being stolen, including mine. But itll be worth it if you get full coverage. It has a 90% of getting stolen, especially if its in a big city.


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I'm in the suburbs. Near Seattle.
YEah I knew a guy who's 98 GS-R was stolen last year. Shit... it's always a worry but fuck, that's what full coverage is for.
Crazy. I guess yeah that sorta justifies the cost a bit more. I mean Si's are a target too are they not... maybe not as much as a GS-R but shit. I worried about that Si getting stolen a lot...But insurance was so much less.


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i pay 51 a month for my crx and beater escort...but its cause i got through a military affiliated company. Nobody in NJ can even come close to what i pay every other company i called wanted atleast 150 a month
I can't even pay insurance because the accident I got in If anyone says they'll cover me their asking $406 pr/month for liability and I need a SR22 form just for a 90 accord cp


Wrong Whole!
It's all in the area.

If I lived 15 mins north of here my insurance rates would go up $100 a month!!!!!!!
I have zero tickets, and great credit.

I pay $230 a month for full coverage on my bike, car, and a smal health policy.

If I moved to my grandfathers house my car would have went up $100 as with the bike and health policy....

it would be closer to $400 a month.

Insurance sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW the age breaks seem to be.

21, 23, and the biggest price drop will be at 25.

P.S the agent is just blowing shit up your ass about the powerful motor. I bought my 350Z when I was 20 years old. 287HP RED and 2 doors. My insurance only went up a few dollars over what I was paying before on the Audi A4.

as stated before the rates are not based off of the cars engine/style/type Its based off what the company has had to pay out for that car.

GSRs are stolon often therefor it's a very high payout car. and in the Insurance companies eyes. A bad investment to the company. Chances are they wont make money off you at the normal rates so they price it so they have less of a chance on losing money.