gsr eg for sale skunk2 dc

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i have a white 95 civic hatch with carbor fiber hood and duckbill wing, lowering springs, skunk 2 intake manifold, dc 4-1 headers, 2 week old 8 lb flywheel and stage 1 clutch, jdm p30 ecu,some type of intake, 2 1/4 inch piping, tanabe muffler, skunk 2 rear lower sway bar, front drilled and slotted rotors jdm guage cluster integra interior for $4300 hundred in san diego ca. the motor is in really good conditions and really clean the whole block and transmission is painted aluminum with balck trim and red valve cover. the reason I am selling it is because i didn't do any of this by myself I got the car like that all i put was the clutch and fly wheel. most likely I'll just build another one on my own after this. the car is in perfect condition you are more than welcome to drive it if you live around here.


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