Gsr Swap Into 94 Coupe On Tv

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Hey guys check this out. I was flipping through the usual channels yesterday and I started watching a show that I'm fan of, "Horsepower TV". It airs on TNN and they've been working on a project civic for a little while now. Their project car is a 94 Civic DX coupe equipped with a D15. They've been playing with this car for a little while now and they've done all sorts of stuff to it like: headers, CAI, suspension, wheels, and even nitrous.
They finally got through with playing around and they went for the whole Enchilida. This week they swapped in a B18C1 into it. I was in total shock that it actually showed it on TV.
During the swap they strapped on a few parts to it: ZEX cams, ZEX air amplifier intake, Tchikara headers, centerforce stage 1 clutch and lightened flywheel. After the swap was complete they strapped the car to the dyno and it made 171hp at the wheels.

I just wanted to share this with everyone and I'll try to post clips from it once I get the footage on my computer cuz I taped it.
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