Gsr/t Questions

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what is it going to take to get high 13's out of a gsr/t? how much will it cost? how do i do it safely?
its going into an automatic 98 honda civic ex. im not changing from automatic to manual because its too much work and money, ill change the flywheel and keep it automatic. Im worried about burning out the transmission though, do you think the stock tranny from my 98 civic will work? if not, any ideas?

i also heard if you put a b16cc head on a gsr block, it makes it faster. does it? and can i turbo that safely? if i can... what do i need?



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And to add to your tranny question, your civc tranny will not work. If your going to through the trouble of putting a b18c in your civic and then your going to turbo to get to the high 13's changing to from an auto to a 5 speed is not that much more work.


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No offense, but if you think a 98 civic tranny will work with a gsr engine, then you need to let a shop do your swap and turbo. Im not trying to be an ass, just saying there is a lot of hard work to do a gsr swap anyway, and your adding a b16 head and turbo, and i think thats too much knowledge that you dont have. Me neither though, but just look into at least getting someone with experience help you.


hey dont worry about that,
ill be the first to say i dont know what the hell im talking about!
how much will it cost to turn my auto a manual? and say i keep it auto, what tranny will work with the gsr? do you think the integra ls auto tranny will work? i really want to make it a manual, and pay to get it done, but they keep saying its not worth it.