GSR throttle bodies... please read

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So I just got the GSR yesterday and the gas pedal sticks up and it's hard to push down until it breaks free. It isnt' the cable because it does it when you manually push the thingy on the throttle body itself, so I'm thinking about just getting another throttle body. I found a holley on ebay for a hundred bucks and it's 25% wider in diameter. I'm wondering if this is going to make the engine run ruff or anything without some other mods? Also if anyone knows why the stock throttle is kinda sticky at first fixing ideas would be appreciated


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It just gets gummed up with crap. Clean it out and put it back on. A larger throttle body without any other mods isn't going to help you any.


WTF is a thingy? Do you mean that when you manually turn the butterfly at the throttle body it is still "sticky".
Did you disconnect the throttle cable? Is it still sticky?
Does the return spring appear in its correct place?
Is the throttle body filthy? Inside and out?

Try spraying some carb cleaner on the throttle body.
Make sure there is nothing impeeding the cable or mount.

IMO stay with stock TB.


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part of your cable mount on the butterfly could be bent in towards teh TB causing it to hit the TB when closed and make it "stick" at first. It happened to me a while back, and it has started sticking again lately. anyone want a 62mm bbk TB?


first off, the only aftermarket TB worth buying is the edlebrock, because it comes with the IAT sensor on it. unless you have access to a riviter, all those $100 specials are a waste of money.

second, pull off the intake pipe, and spray a bunch of degreaser on a rag, and then wipe down the butterfly. open it by hand on the TB, and clean that thing up.
then, lude the cable/spring area.

that should do it.

if not, pop the TB off. its only 4 bolts, a couple vac lines and a couple sensor plugs. clean all that crap off too.

then, after all that, try to figure out WHY you have all this build up.
crappy air filter?