Gsr Vs. Skunk2 Manifold

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what's up all? On my endless journey to build a motor, I came across a dilemna. I can either get a ported gsr intake manifold (think that is worded right) :P or get a skunk2 manifold. I was leaning towards getting the gsr because it's waaaaaay cheaper then the skunk2. Is there really a difference between the two? or is the only difference the name brand? is there hp difference as well? any help is greatly appreciated, peace!
what type of porting was done with what
exdrude hand perfes doit your selfer
skunk 2 make diffrent intake with diffrent runner lengths so you need to give more details where do you want your power band to be
i'll find out what kinda port job was done to that particular manifold then i'll post it up here, peace