Guage cluster/ turn signals and hazards shot in my 94 coupe... lil help

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well last thursday evening I stop at local Shell station and fill up on gas... i come back to the car start it up and my guage cluster stopped working completely, my turns signals have ceased to exist and hazard switch won't function as well...

now before i go into the steps i have taken let me give you a small bit of background info on the car...

-it's a 94 DX that was converted from an automatic SOHC swap to a manual by previous owner, and then i replaced the motor with b20 vtec swap on a chrome chipped p06 ecu

-lights in the guage cluster never worked previously (tach and odometer, guages everything were functional just didn't light up) the Brake light, srs, CEL, P (for parking on automatic gear indicator) and turn signal/"brights" indicators all lite up previously and now i'm only getting SRS light and "brights"...

- every fuse in the car is brand new...the sub harness for your stereo/guage cluster/hazards/dimmer switch was bought from local honda dealership 2 months ago (thinking no lights in guage cluster was from a burnt up harness, no such luck)... dimmer switch is new... main relay is new... and hazard switch, you guessed it new...


-the dimmer relay and hazard switch were replaced and tested in another car to be in perfect working order... and got nothing from the ones that were good...

-removed whole steering wheel assembly to replace turn signal/ windshield wiper relays... tested mine in other car and were functional as well

-removed NEW sub harness and put old harness back in, and you guessed it, tried it on my buddies car for shits n' giggles, to work properly

-pulled every fuse AGAIN, replaced... nothing.

-borrowed my buddies guage cluster as well... NOTHING!

any ideas are helpful... my in dash harness hasn't been molested, smipped, retapped nothing... completely uncorroded and suprisingly for the age, flawless, so i don't think it's a problem farther down

thanks in advance!


I'd pull out your instrument cluster and check the connections. If they're all good, I'd proceed to check the following:
10-pin plug
Ground your multimeter on pin A5 and check pin A3(yellow wire)
13-pin plug
Ground your multimeter on pin A5 from the 10 pin plug and check B10(fuse 1) and B11(fuse19) on the 13-pin plug
Green 5-pin plug
Ground your multimeter on pin D3 and check D2(fuse 19) and D5(fuse 15) for power
Yellow 5-pin Plug
Ground your multimeter on pin E3 and check E1(fuse 1) for power

If all is good, I'd check:
B3 and B4 for right and left signals, respectively
B2 Speedometer
B1 Fuel gauge
B8 Tach

It really just sounds like a ground issue. Maybe even the one on the fuse box itself.