h22 ek spark plug

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Hey, just a quick question. I got a h22 jdm in my 97 EK. Recently I just change the spark plugs and wires and it started to sputter on me. I was wondering could it be the gap size. I have mine set at .044 right now. If thats the problem should I go smaller or bigger?
What plugs are you using?

I wouldn't get bigger than .044, smaller. I've seen some guys run .032-.038
Does the part number end with -11? If so, you shouldn't really have too.

Did you make sure the firing order is correct and all grounds are good?
No it doesn't end with -11. Hm, I check all the wires and ground see if there is any loose wires/plugs but I didn't find any. My firing order is right. When I changed the plugs/wire it worked for like a day without sputtering but then it just started to sputter again.
It's a stock motor? Maybe it could be something else making it sputter(fuel filter or clogged injectors?).

Definitely try a .038 gap and see if that helps(that's I usually run .036 or .038 on all my non-11 NGK's).
Hm, I will change my gap size today and see what happens. If that don't work then I will check the injectors/fuel. The motor is pretty much brand new. I got it from Hmotor.