H22 Header????


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I'm new to to forum and I'm the proud new owner of a 92-96 JDM H22. I'm trying to get all of my parts ready for this swap. The exhaust manifold that came with my engine definately won't fit on my 95 Accord with my Tanabe Exhaust. I know I could scrap my exhaust and have one made so that the exhaust manifold will fit. But I like my Tanabe Exhaust and having just spent 600bucks scraping it isn't an option. I have heard that I can use 97 Prelude SH manifold and A-pipe (I think thats what the honda parts guy told me) but for 900 bucks I think I can do better. I was wondering for those of u that have done this swap what aftermarket headers are there that will fit with stock cat and a bolt-on aftermarket exhaust.

One more thing that I'm having problems with, what map sensor do I use, after reading the Sports Compact Car article, they recommend that I use a 91-93 civic Dx map sensor, unfortuately the DX Civic doesn't have one, the Ex Civic does, also after looking at the prelude shop manual I noticed that there is a seprate map sensor without a bunch of emissions stuff with it. So I'm really confused, other than that everything is going pretty good, my LSD is half way finnished in my tranny, the new clutch was easy and the timing belt wasn't bad after some creative engineering with the auto tensioner. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I bought an aftermarket 92-96 Prelude VTEC header. It bolted right up to my cat, no modifications needed, besides cleaning up the cat flange(someone welded to it.) The studs in that side of the cat pop right out. Bolt up and go.

Use your stock map sensor or the one that came with the prelude. Either will work. Use your stock accord vacuum hoses and route them exactly how they were.


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If you still have your stock cat, the JDM header/downpipe combo will bolt right up.
Don't waste your money on an aftermarket header, they're not any better than the stock header.

I don't know what the hell those writers at the magazine were smoking..but with the exception of have to finesse the driver's side motor mount in, this swap is a direct swap (like replacing your current engine with a same one).

The only things you have to do are:

Swap over the F22's fuel rail
Switch the ecu pins (A6 and A11 I believe)
(If your accord didn't have vtec you have to run those wires..otherwise you only have to wire in a knock sensor)
Either get a 92-96 prelude power steering pressure hose or use your p/s pump and bracket.

You a/c and alternator bolt right up (you have to use the f series a/c compressor bracket).

Thats it.


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Thanks for the responses guys. But the 92 accord and the 95 accord have a totally different exhaust set up. I found out that DC Sports makes a header that will bolt up using the H22 and the stock 95 accord exhaust thanks for the help though.


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Location of the cat is what we are referring to. It is not just a coincidence that the H22A header bolts right up to my 92 Accord cat. The accord header would be different from one version of F22 to another. The catback will be different. The H22A exhaust will bolt up fine. If you want to overpay on a header, then by all means please do. I paid $88 for a stainless knockoff, cleaned up the ports and checked the welds for craftsmanship. 30 minutes of my time< $300.

Does DC sports have a listing of this special header? I'd love to see it.

Sleepn_Accord is correct. The stock header is fine. However, most engines I've seen don't come with the lower section. The lower section fetches >$50 on Ebay, and I can't see spending that much given the deal that I recieved. $123 to my door for the whole thing in stainless. I have pics.