h22 in 90 accord


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The engine in my beloved 90 accord finally went (almost 300,000 miles), and instead of buying a new car, I've decided just to swap it. I was just going to put another stock engine in it, but my boyfriend suggested doing an h22 swap... I don't really know a lot about stuff like that.. like, about how much more would an h22 cost compared to stock.. how would it handle on gas (i got about 29 mpg) ... any info would be appreciated :D


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I know the feeling.

H22 is a great setup. Strong engine that can take a beating. Your guy will like that(and maybe you too ;) ). Also, due to the VTEC technology, your lead foot will determine your mileage. Stay out of the throttle and you'll get near the same mileage.

Cost. Um, how much were you going to pay for an F22? If you hold out for a decent deal, the H22 could be yours for about +/-$1300 in addition to about 200 for the computer. You can use your old tranny and stuff. F22's are fairly cheap and abundant. But hey, when faced with the same exact decision as you, I went H22A. I am pleased with my decision. :)


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Oh trust me youll be more than happy with an h22, Im running full smog with us ecu on jdm motor until i ref and im STILL happy.


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An h22 swap is a great idea.

You can reuse your accord tranny or replace the entire thing with an h22 engine/tranny/ecu package for around 2100.

If your b/f can remove the engine, he can put the h22 in. It's super easy, relatively speaking.

For me, after the swap my gas mileage actually improved (considering my f22 had a leaky injector). :lol:

If you just do basic driving you'll have way more than adequete power and subsequently, by not having to rev so high you may save on gas but not by much.

Additionally you'll have lots of extra torque and HP when you wanna open it up.

There is almost no difference in handling. Also the resale value of your car can often be increased by about 2-3000. Depending on where you live and your buyer.


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Originally posted by sleepn_accord@Apr 1 2004, 03:07 PM
You can reuse your accord tranny or replace the entire thing with an h22 engine/tranny/ecu package for around 2100.


I waited for good deals on every piece, so my engine/tranny/ecu package in total was <$1750(to my door).

I waited two months to win a cheap bid on ebay for the engine($911+350 shipping).

Then, I bought the ECU for $160+20 shipping.

With that, I did my swap. Several months later, I found the deal on the tranny that I wanted. A Limited Slip automatic H22A tranny for $177.50 + 125 shipping.

The only shitty part is, I was without a car for two months while searching for engine and ECU. Lastly, I still need to swap in the different tranny. I could have just put it in the first time if the prices weren't so high.