h22 in a 97 del sol

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ok i have the h22 engine, tranny, ecu, wiring, and stock h22 axles i need a shift linkage. what do i need to do to get the axles to work in my del sol and what shift linkage can i use. and what else needs to be changed that i left out.


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I know that you gotta use the civic/integra axles but the inner cv joints need to be replaced by the prelude ones and you can use either the prelude or the accord shift linkage, as long as all the components are from the same vehicle.

You'll also have to cut the tunnel where your shifter is to make way for the prelude/accord shifter, as it is way different than your Sol.

You need new mounts too, if you don't already have them.


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how much of the tunnel do i have to cut and is there a diagram to do it right ?? and if i use the civic/integra alxes wont they snap from the horsepower???


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The hole you need to cut isn't that big, I think there's a template here somewhere. And the axles will be fine.